SingaFrog Finances #2

Hello all!

After a first Singafrog Finance meetup dedicated to alternative investment opportunities (Mutual Funds, Debt-based crowdfunding, and Land Investment), we're back on Tuesday 20th 7-9pm to discuss about REAL ESTATE!

"Ah, la pierre!", yes, the good old stone we all seem to trust! To offer some perspective on Real Estate investment opportunities for frogs, expats and newcomers in the field of personal investments, we will have in our panel:

- Kat, a Singaporean real estate agent. I met her as she's my girlfriend's auntie, and had a very insightful BBQ discussion on how local Chinese and expats behave differently when it comes to buying/renting properties here in Singapore. She also adviced me how usually plan for real estate in Singapore whether you're foreigner, PR, local, juggling between freehold/non-freehold, HDB/condo, BTO/second-hand, married/not-married (to local/non-local). I'll have her design us a "mapping" of the best ways to manage real estate investments based on profiles so it's educational.

- Nicolas Derbes from Immocratie, a France-based real-estate crowdfunding platform, where you are invited to back projects starting at €3000, for a duration of 6 to 24 month, and interest (before tax) of 10 to 15%. Yes of course it's more risky, but hey, if you like Singafrog Finance you want to know about it too, no : ) ? Not unlike New Union which we saw in the first meetup. I personally find those short-term (= quite liquid) investment quite attractive, but what bugs me is the tax level (hello France!). Nicolas will be on Skype from France.

- Noel Neo, Head of Research & Operations at Asia Pacific Real Estate Association, he's been recommended to me by a good friend to discuss what REITs are all about (if I'm not wrong it's similar to a French SCI), it's another type of investment in real estate where you can get fixed returns (like rentals). It's also a bit like Mutual Funds (you don't bet on ONE stock but on an index), for real-estate projects. Halfway between real-estate and long-term funds.

We'll also have a few French friends I know in the audience who can share about their success or in-success in real estate done either in France or Singapore.

Venue will be confirmed asap, should be the Hub at Prinsep St like last time, and same timing 7-9pm with finger food (burrito) + one beer or soft drink.

I take the time to brief & discuss with the speakers so that it's NOT a sales pitch but more an expert discussion where your questions can find answers and explanations.

$35 for Standard ticket
$40 for VIP ticker (include Toto ticket!)

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Tue Sep 20, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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